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Purify your wide spaces
TEQOYA TeqAir 450 air ionizer

Purify your spaces of life, relaxation and reception

  • For a room up to 50 m2
  • Quiet : 0 db
  • Ultra-low power : 1,5 Watts
  • No filters to change
  • Discreet and slender design

Eco-friendly air purifiers

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The natural french beech of the legs comes from a certified PEFC. Our cartons and papers come from an FSC certified industry, and our packagings are 100% reusable.


TEQOYA TeqAir 450 air ionizer eliminates up to 99% particles and germs:

Fight against urban pollution with fine particles

Fine particles

 Fight against bacteria and viruses


 Fight against pollen


 Fight cat urine smells

Pet allergens

Fight against mold allergies


Fight tobacco odors


Features of your TEQOYA TeqAir 450 air ionizer

 Dimensions of the TeqAir 450 air ionizer

Advised surface up to 50 m2
(30 m2 for polluted environments)
Negative ions production 450 000 per cm3 at 1m distance
3000 billion per sec
Ionic optics 24
Noise level 0 dB
Power consumption 1,5 Watts
Power input 100-250 Volts
Dimensions 95 cm x 6 cm x 7 cm
Weight 1,4 kg
Color bluish anthracite
Ozone level Ozone-free*
Certification CE CEM, security, ozone-free, PEFC
Warranty 10 years
Pack content 1 ionizer
1 power cable
1 user guide
1 wooden foot
* Patent pending, measured by independent laboratories Intertek and Certam